Worried about my godchildren

by Leela

I’m looking for advice..I’m not the children’s parent so all I can do is try and convince their parents that something is wrong, they don’t seem to worry about it.
They have a 3.5 year old little girl who seems developmentally appropriate but I think her speech is severely delayed. She maybe says 15 words that are recognizable and seems to be able to put some words together, like ‘I want numnum’, ‘I want peepee’. She also substitutes sounds for words a lot, such as ‘mew’ for cat and ‘zzzz’ for sleep. The rest is ‘bird language’. She also seems to constantly say ‘pooosszch’ or similar sound for no reason whatsoever, she is just walking around saying that all day. Her hearing was checked and was normal. She understands instructions. Her parents think she is developing normally, maybe a little behind. I’m worried for her.

The boy just turned two and he can say ‘baba’, ‘dada’, ‘mama’ but not much else.

I’m not a professional but this does not seem normal to me. I know they are all different but the toddlers I know including my own spoke in short sentences by the age of 3 and had a significantly larger vocabulary.

Any ideas on what it can be??

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