Word/Sound repitition

by Georgina

Hello, can anyone help?
My 7 year old son repeats end sounds of words or the whole word frequently within a sentance. It sounds a bit like this... "Did you-oo know O O oooOO, that at I I I III (pause and deap breath) got an an award aWARD". It can take a long time for him to get a sentance out. The repeated sound is normal speaking volume (not muttered under the breath) and increases in length and pitch until he makes it onto the next word. He also gesticulates quite wildly when he speaks like this. BUT it doesn't happen all the time, and is becoming less frequent than it used to. If he's asked a direct question he doesn't seem to have a problem but if he's explaining a thought he does.

He's seen several speech therapists including a stammer specialist who has ruled out a stammer but typically his answers are always too short that they never hear the problem in appointments.

He has learning difficulties so I assume it's associated with that. He has been diagnosed with severe dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyspraxia and slow processing speed. He also has suspected Aspergers and is on a referral waiting list.

I've googled and researched but I have never found anything like this before. Palilalia comes close but he doesn't mutter under his breath or repeat whole sentances. I'd like to know how to help him because communicating is such a struggle for him.

Has anyone come accross this before or have any advice?

Many thanks

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