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Welcome to Sentence Level Games for W.  Yeah!

Throw away your flashcards! When your child sees "speech flashcards," he or she goes in to "speech mode." In "speech mode," your child can easily say W. It is a controlled situation without many distractions. However, when your child is not in "speech mode," he or she may not say W correctly. 

At this level, your child is going to work on saying W during functional speech games. He or she will start to transition their speech progress into their automatic, everyday speech. 

My Best Practice Tips:

1. At first, model the correct word and/or sentence during games. Don’t force your child to repeat after you.

2. As your child starts to learn the game, start prompting him or her to say the target words/sentences. If your child refuses, give him or her 3 opportunities only. If he or she still doesn't say it, move on. DON’T CAUSE FRUSTRATION!

3. Adapt games to the level of your child. If your child is speaking using 1-2 word phrases, your phrases during a game should not be more than 2 words. We are working on speech not language skills here.

4. If your child is not speaking in sentences, don't worry! You can practice these games with single words as well.  Just change the target sentences to single words.

5. Don't forget to give appropriate verbal, visual, and tactile cues as needed.

Lastly, remember to have fun!!


I want....

Kids want everything so lets cash in on it!

Target Sentences: I want ______

How to Play: Toddlers want lots of things, actually too much at times. I want, I want., I want!!! So, my suggestion is to brainstorm a time throughout the day when your child says "I want" quite frequently. Meal times or playtime are two popular ones. When eating or playing, remind your child to say "I want" with a good W sound and you are done! Easy!

Example Script:

  • Child: Blocks, please
  • Parent: Say "I want blocks with a good W sound"
  • Child: I want blocks
  • Parent: (Gives blocks to child) Good W sound
  • Parent: Want little car
  • Child: Yes
  • Parent: Say "I want car"
  • Child: I want car
  • Etc...

Questions, Questions, and More Questions

Oh, toddlers and their endless questions....

Target Sentences:  What's that? What's this? Why? 

How to Play: Go exploring with your child outside and take turns asking questions, i.e. what's this? If your child already knows the answers, you can play another game. Have your child pretend to be a parent or a teacher and ask you questions. This is a motivating one!

Example Script: 

  • Parent: Pretend to be the parent and I will pretend to be the child. Ask me what things are and see if i know!
  • Child: What is that? (points to the ground)
  • Parent: Grass
  • Child: That's right. What is that? (points to a tree)
  • Parent: A tree
  • Etc...

Wake Up!

Pretend play

Target Sentences: Wake up

How to Play: My toddler loves to play nighty night and awake time quite often. While lying on the floor, someone says nighty night. Once this has been said, everyone pretends to sleep until someone says "wake up." Then everyone has to jump up and usually some giggles follow :)

Example Script:

  • Parent: Let's play our sleeping game
  • Child: Nighty Night
  • Parent & Child: (Pretend to fall asleep)
  • Child: Wake up!
  • Parent & Child: (Jump up)
  • Parent: Good W sound, let's play again!
  • Etc...

Up, up, and away

Time to find things to safely throw

Target Sentences: Throw ball away, throw airplane away, throw trash away

ow to Play: There are a few reasons why you might want to throw something away. I will list a few examples below. Once you pick one, make sure to say one of the phrases above before you get throwing.

Example Activities: 

  • Throw paper balls in the trash can  
  • Throw ball up in the air
  • Blow bubbles away 
  • Roll ball away
  • Throw trash away
  • Run away
  • Etc....

I see Flower

Go on a walk and find some flowers

Target Sentences: I see a flower!

How to Play: While walking with your child, have fun pointing out flowers. Once a person sees a flower, he or she has to say "I see a flower." If it is winter or there aren't many flowers near you, you can also play this game while reading books with your child. 

Example Script: 

  • Parent: I see a purple flower (parent points to flower)
  • Child: I see a flower (child points to another flower)
  • Etc...

Walk, Run, Walk

Listen to the leader

Target Sentences: Everyone walk, Everyone Run (the word "everyone" has a W sound too!)

How to Play: Have your child pretend to be a "fitness instructor" and tell everyone when to walk and when to run. This is best played outside or in a a big room in the house. 

Example Script:

  • Parent: You are the leader. Tell everyone to walk or run
  • Child: Everyone run! (Everyone starts to run)
  • Child: Everyone walk (Everyone starts to walk)
  • Parent: Good W sound!
  • Etc...


I always end my practice ideas with my most functional conversational game. This one involves a meal time since we eat everyday making it easy to remember to practice W.

Target Words: water, kiwi, sandwich, what

How to "Play:" This is not a game at all. Instead, be aware of the all the W words you or your child might say during meals. Encourage your child to pay attention to the W sound as well. A sticker or tally system for every W word pronounced correctly may be good motivation to remain concentrated for an entire meal. See if your child can beat their previous record!

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