Toddler Talk 2.0

Is your child a late talker? Do you want to support your child's speech and language development EASILY and AFFORDABLY? Toddler Talk 2.0 is right for you!

It is available on Android, Amazon, Apple, and Windows!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!

Why I Created This App:

Most of our questions come from parents whose children are only saying a few words and they are concerned. They are worried and also see frustration from their children due to lack of communication. 

This common concern got me could I reach more parents??? What would make the biggest impact? Sometimes piecemealing games and strategies found on the internet is confusing and overwhelming for parents and they usually give up. I decided to make a concise step-by-step program that can be individualized depending on the child app to help reach more parents. 

Enter...Toddler Talk 2.0!

Toddler Talk 2.0 is a 10 week program for parents who want to encourage speech and language development painlessly. Each week, new strategies and/or games are introduced. These strategies and games can be applied to daily tasks so there is no extra time needed. 

Philosophy Behind the App

Language learning should happen naturally through play and modeling at this age! Children learn best while playing with toys they are interested in! These are researched based practices that pediatrics therapist base therapy off of. However, if you just let a toddler play, they may just run through the sprinkler for an hour. While that is FUN, there wasn't any language learning. a parent, you will learn how to take these natural play times and structure them to create lots of language learning opportunities. There are subtle but yet powerful techniques you can easily do that will make a large impact on your child's language learning. 

All the learning will happen while you play or converse with your child. IT IS THE ONLY WAY! No app where your child plays by himself or herself can teach functional communication skills. If your child is playing a game, he/she is NOT COMMUNICATING! He/she may learn vocabulary but will lose other language learning opportunities such as turn taking, modeling of grammar, social skills, etc...

Who Is This App For?

This app for speech therapy is appropriate for any toddler who isn't talking yet or just saying a few words! If your child is over 2 year of age but still not talking, start here! These next few years are exciting and VERY important for language development. A strong foundation for later language, reading, and writing skills is being built!

What Do I Get?

  • Overview of developmental milestones
  • Checklists that can be printed or saved
  • How to play with your toddler and develop language
  • Effective ways to talk with your child
  • How to teach imitation skills
  • A painless way to encourage first words
  • How to ask questions the correct way 

It is easy, fun, and productive.

What's So Different About Toddler Talk 2.0?

We know that when you are a parent, free time is limited or even non-existent. Therefore, we wanted to make this app work for you. We don’t want to add more to your plate. Instead, we give small, easy tips to try out each week. You won't have to buy anything else or even add activities to your busy day, but just alter how your interact with you child. Easy.

This app does not guarantee that your child will start talking in 10 weeks. The 10 weeks is for you, the parent! It is a crash course in speech therapy. You will learn effective ways on how to interact with your child which will, in turn, help him/her develop language.

Each section is split up by weekly tasks. These weekly tasks will:

  • Either introduce a new strategy to try with your child or,
  • Practice a previously learned strategy.

You will learn how you, as a parent, can make simple changes when interacting with your child that will greatly impact their speech and language development. By making small adjustments each week, you won’t become overwhelmed and give up!

There are no games in this app. Instead, we provide an abundance of information in simple, easy to understand weekly pages. We help you make little adjustments to the communicating you already do.

The Best Part is Price!

It is only $4.99! As always, we are trying to make speech therapy afforable and accessible to all. Check it out!


Bridget is an ASHA certified, practicing speech language pathologist. She is passionate about providing parents with information on child speech and language development as well as provide functional, easy activities to do at home! Parents have the power to make a real difference. Follow Bridget at Facebook and Pinterest for more fun!

Author of  child language development eBook series