Teach J

Teach J

We are going to teach your child the J sound using a mirror. This technique works well for most children. If your child is distracted by the mirror, remove it. You can follow each step simply by looking at each other.

Teaching Techniques

How to Teach:

1. Sit down at a table with your child. Get out a portable mirror. If you don't have one, use any mirror you can find in the house. 

2. First, try this speech therapy trick! Write the word "would" and "you" on a piece of paper. Have your child repeat the word "would" and the "you" quickly after. Repeat this process, saying the words faster and faster. Eventually, the J sound will appear between "would' and "you." If this works, great! Congratulate your child on saying the J sound correctly! Move to number 5.

3. If your child can say "ch," try this one. If not, skip it! Have your child say "ch." The CH sound is very similiar in tongue placement with the J sound. This time, have your child say "ch" with the voice box turned on.  To cue the voice, I have a student feel their throat and then say the J sound. He or she should feel a buzzing in their throat.

4. If numbers 2 and 3 don't work, this one should! Gently place a thumb and forefinger on the corners of your child's mouth. Next, tell your child to say "J" as you gently squeeze the corners of the mouth together. This should encourage correct lip rounding and tongue placement!

5. Once you get a successful J, practice saying the syllable "ja." This is the easiest sound combination to start with. If your child is successful, great! Move on to number 6.

6. Now, you are ready to practice J in more syllables! Try different combinations such as "joe," "jee," "aja," or "ij." Make sure to cover syllables that have J in the beginning, middle, and end.


Once your child can say J, move on to the word level! This stage may take minutes or days!

What's Next

When your child is saying it right most of the time, move on to the word level. Don't spend too much time here.

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