Stages of understanding from an object to the written word

by Pete
(Exeter, Devon, UK)

I was once told by a Speech and Language Therapist, during a training session, about the stages of understanding that a child on the autism spectrum needs to navigate. I'm NOT a SaLT but my son is autistic and I'm doing an MEd in Autism so that I can understand the spectrum and help him more. I'm doing some research into means of electronic communication. Anyway, I remember the S & L therapist breaking the stages down something like this:

Object (apple) - pretend object (plastic apple) - photo of the object - symbol for the object - written word 'apple'.

Is this right? I wonder if anyone can tell me where I can find a source for this, e.g. an original journal article?

Many, many thanks in advance for any light you're able to shed on this for me.

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