Speech Therapy 
English Home Program

In a nutshell, articulation therapy or speech therapy is treatment for speech sound disorders or delays. It is designed to help people say the sounds of their language correctly and improve overall speech intelligibility.

This home program, provides a screening process, theoretical basis for therapy, and all the needed materials.

I use the materials for articulation therapy with my private clients as well as my RTI and IEP students. It reduces planning time, keeps me organized, and clients/students make FAST progress.

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Example On How To Use Materials:

When designing an articulation treatment plan for a student, client, or child, I choose goals and activities based on the motor learning theory. What is the motor learning theory you ask? Well, motor learning is basically teaching muscles of the body a new desired motor plan/behavior. This section also reviews some sample treatment plans and different options for school based services!

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Screening Form

In this section, there is a non-standardized articulation screening tool. I designed this tool to gather pre- and post-treatment data. It's quick and easy.  On the data sheet, the sounds are listed on the left and the other 4 columns are reserved for recording errors at the word and sentence level. It is possible to record responses over two different days which is convenient for collecting pre and post-treatment data.

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Organizational Tools

Google Drive™ has been a wonderful organization tool since it can be accessed from any device. In this section, there are links for each template listed below that can be opened in Google Drive. 

What’s Included:

  • Google Sheets™ template for organization of teacher referrals and their results
  • Google Sheets template for data tracking and graphing
  • Videos to explain use of materials
  • Google Doc™ template for notification of services

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Parent Handouts

It is recommended to review the parent “cheat sheet” for articulation practice at the beginning of therapy and then keep a copy in the child’s home program folder for future reference. 

The weekly home program sheet is used for parent-SLP weekly communication. It is an easy way to update progress and provide instruction for home practice. 

Articulation Materials: (The Good Stuff!)
Flashcards, Word Lists, Cues, Games & More!



















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Thanks and enjoy! 

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