Speech Therapy Grammar Activities

Strong grammar skills are crucial for reading, writing, speaking, and understanding. I will show you how easy it can be to teach these skills with these speech therapy grammar activities.

When I say grammar, I am referring to

  • Morphology
  • Sentence structure

For more information on all the areas of language development, including grammar, please refer to our development page.

Then come back here for grammar games. 

Speech Therapy Grammar Games

Below are the speech therapy grammar games. We have free and paid materials.

Grammar Games for Toddlers

  • Targets grammar through PLAY
  • Toddlers learn best through play not worksheets
  • Worksheets at a young age are useless... throw them out


  • Learn how to target grammar skills through play
  • Learn which grammar skills are expected by each age
  • As your child gains a certain skill, you will have materials to move on to the next skill

Preschool Talk 2.0

  • By preschool, grammar skills should be almost "adult-like"
  • Use worksheets and games to target grammar skills for 3-6 year olds

What's coming soon...

I am working hard on pronouns, complex sentence structure, and morphology activities.

Stay tuned!

If you don't want to miss a game, please sign up below and I promise to keep you in the loop. 

Bridget is an ASHA certified, practicing speech-language pathologist. She is passionate about providing parents with information on child speech and language development as well as provide functional, easy activities to do at home! Parents have the power to make a real difference. Follow Bridget at Facebook and Pinterest for more fun!

Author of  child language development eBook series

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