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Sentence Level

Congratulations! You have made it to Sentence Level Games for B. At this stage, you are going to throw away your flashcards.

Throw away your cards because when your child sees "speech flashcards," he or she goes in to "speech mode." In "speech mode," your child remembers to say B correctly. However, when your child is not in "speech mode," he or she may not say the sound right.

Therefore, your child now must work on B during more "natural" games. This is how we transition all the great progress made so far into automatic, everyday speech!

I created games that naturally contain B words. To be successful with these games, make sure to incorporate as many B sentences as possible. Also, give appropriate verbal, visual, and tactile cues as needed.

Lastly, remember to have fun!!

My best practice tips:

1. At first, model the correct word and/or sentence during games. Don’t force your child to repeat after you.

2. As your child improves, start prompting your child to say the words/sentences. If your child refuses, give them 3 opportunities to say the word. If he or she still doesn't say it, move on. DON’T CAUSE FRUSTRATION!

3. Adapt games to the level of your child. If your child is  only using 1-2 word phrases, your phrases during a game should not be more than 2 words. We are working on speech not language here.

4. If your child is not speaking in sentences, don't worry! You can practice these games with single words as well.  Just change the target sentences to single words.

Functional Games


Target Phrases

Blow bubbles, Pop bubbles, More bubbles

How to Play

To play, say “bubbles” or “more bubbles” before each turn. Adjust the target phrase to fit the language level of your child. 

Prompt Ideas

  • Parent: What do you want?
  • Child: More bubbles (gives child bubbles)


  • Parent: What are you going to do?
  • Child: Blow bubbles (blows bubbles)


  • Parent: Let's pop bubbles while we say "pop bubbles" (blows bubbles)
  • Child: Pop bubbles (popping bubbles)

Bounce the Ball

Target Sentences/Phrases

Bounce the Ball, Throw it back, Ball in bucket

How to Play

Find any ball and bounce it. Say one of the sentences above and encourage your child to repeat it before taking a turn. Some ideas for play include bouncing a ball up and down, bouncing a ball to each other, or putting bouncing balls in a bucket.

Example Script

  • Parent: Let's bounce a ball to each other
  • Child: Okay
  • Parent: Bounce ball (bounces ball to child)
  • Parent: Your turn to bounce ball back. Say "bounce ball" as you bounce
  • Child: Dounce dall 
  • Parent: Remember, lips together for “bounce ball.”
  • Child: Bounce ball (bounces ball to parent)
  • Etc...

Bathtub Time

Target Sentences

Taking a bath, ____(toy) in bath, Water in bucket, Pop the bubbles

How to Play

During bath time, model the words “bath,” “tub,” “bucket,” and “bubbles” in various sentences as much as possible and encourage your child to repeat them.

Example Script of Sentences

Model these sentences and encourage your child to repeat them

  • Popping bubbles: Say "pop the bubbles"
  • Filling buckets with water and dumping them out: Say “water in bucket” as you fill with water
  • Sing bathtub song: Say “Splish splash we are taking a bath”

Baby Play

Target Sentences

Night night baby, Baby eats, Baby drink, Bath for baby, Baby in tub 

How to Play

Find some toy dolls or stuffed animals and get on the floor to play with your child. There are a lot of possibilities for /b/ articulation practice while playing with babies. Read below for some ideas.

Example Script of Sentences

  • Model these sentences and encourage your child to repeat them
  • Put baby to bed:  Say, “night night baby”
  • Feed baby: Say, “eat baby” or “drink baby”
  • Bath time for baby: Say, “bath for baby” or “baby in tub”

Table Time

Target Phrases

Put ___on table, Knock off table

How to Play

Put anything on a table and then knock the toys off the table. Just make sure your child says “table” every time he/she puts an object on the table and/or knocks them off. 

Example Script of Sentences

  • Parent: Cow on table (puts a cow on table)
  • Child: Horse on tao.
  • Parent: Opps, I didn't hear /b/. Try again with our lips together, “table (parent models word)
  • Child: Table
  • Parent: Great job! My turn. Cat on table.
  • Parent: Okay, let’s knock them off table!
  • Child: Off table (knocks toys off table)
  • Etc...

Spider Web

Target Phrase

 ___ stuck in web

How to Play

Either draw a spider web or make one out of string. Next, find objects to put in the“web.” To make it more fun, find some silly things to go in the “web.”  Make sure you say “web” as your toys get stuck in the web!

Example Script of Sentences

  • Parent: Circle stuck in web
  • Child: Square stuck in web
  • Parent: Triangle stuck in web
  • etc...

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You've made it! If you want some more practice, check out the language worksheets below.

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