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Case History Form

If you are a speech language pathologist and thinking about seeing patients privately, you NEED our Speech Therapy Case History Form. Seriously!

If you already see patients privately, you need to think about switching how your gather patient information. 

For only $1.99 (less than a coffee), you can make your professional life easier!

What's So Special About This Case History Form:

I see patients privately, which I LOVE; however, a lot of more paperwork falls in my lap. I have been streamlining the process in order to stay organzied and sane and still have time to play with my boys.

One of my first creations is my case history form. I created the form in Google Drive. It takes a bit of work at first as you learn how to create questions, but then it is pretty easy! More on that later.

What's so awesome about this form:

  • Convenience
  • Ease
  • User Friendly
  • Organization

When I receive a new patient, I can send the case history form immediately and responses are delivered securely to my mailbox. No papers to lose, no papers lost in the mail, no extra consultations. Time is money! 

How to Create a Form:

To save time which we all know is money...you can gain access immediately to a copy of my Google Form for only $1.99. After buying the form, you will download a copy to your Google Drive and then you can personalize it anyway you want.

If you want to save $1.99, I get it! To make a form, open your Google Drive and click on the new button and select Form. After that, you can name your form and start adding questions! Easy. 

How To Use Form:

Once you a get a referral or a new patient, you share the form the parent or patient. That's it! You can add special instructions as you share it such as a timeline of when you need it returned.

After they complete the form, the responses will appear in a spreadsheet. This is where I find the organization to be amazing! There are no sheets to lose. The ease is fantastic too! You can send the form by email and save time (mail) and money (stamps). There is less worry if your patient has received it as well.

From what I understand, Google Drive is HIPPA compliant, but I don't take any chances. Once, I receive the responses, I take out all patient identifiers and insert a code. I save their identifiers on my computer only. (not sure if this is necessary!)

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