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Bilingual children's accent

Hi my wife and I were born in the US and have a generic American accents. My children were also born here in New Jersey. My older son is 4 and we spoke

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Normative sample

If bilingual students are included in normative sample of a language assessment, can you report scores for bilingual student instead of just describing

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I’m currently working as a private SLP and I have a 5yo who came to me with substitution of /t/ for /s/ and /sh/. He immediately was able to correct his

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ABA therapy

Hi, my name is Jackie and I'm currently a grad student in the speech speech program at USC. For one of my assignments, my professor wants us to ask fellow

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Basal and Ceiling Question--Please help!!

I was trying to reach a basal on a test and the child got the first one wrong (at his age level) so I worked backwards. The basal is 8 and the ceiling

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Artic and stutter

Articulation disorder (currently in treatment also was during childhood then took a brake). Stuttering (started in high school). Noticed that during therapy

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Articulation question- kindergarten

Hi, I worked at a school and just recently received an email to screen a bunch of kindergarten students for articulation. I screened one yesterday that

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COMPLETE Cariboo Speech Therapy Materials

Do you need cariboo cards for speech therapy? We have cards for every English phoneme in the initial, medial, and final position. Get your copy for a bargain here!

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How To Share Speech Therapy Progress

Speech therapy progress is exciting but sometimes hard to share with parents and teachers. Much gets lost in translation until now. Read more here.

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3yo very verbal son asks me to repeat myself

My 3yo son had been asking me and others to repeat ourselves for the past several months. When I asked him recently if he could tell me whether it is

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