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Minimal Pairs

Minimal pairs are a crucial part of speech therapy. Grab some free materials to target minimal pairs during in-person or remote therapy.

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3 year old speech

Hello, I have a 4 year old who is meeting most speech and language milestones but he will sometimes respond with a noise instead of words. The noise is

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Speech goals

Hi my son is 6yrs old n had autisim.. currently im doing therapy with hin at hone due to covid. He addresses his needs by saying “i want....” or “give

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Speech Therapy Fall Teletherapy materials

Free speech therapy fall teletherapy materials using Google Slides. Easy and Effective!

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Vocabulary Learning Materials - That Actually Work!

It is hard to find effective vocabulary learning materials...until now! Check out these materials! They are even teletherapy friendly.

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Articulation and Phonological Awareness Skills - How Do They Fit?

Does articulation disorder exist in a vacumm? Does just "an R Kid" exist? Most likely not! Find out more here.

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Receptive language and speech delay

Plz help..my 2.6 year old knows understands hardly few words..he cannot understand simple instructions, all objects etc..Moreover he has speech delay..pllzz

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Teletherapy: What I'd Wish I'd Know When I started

It seems that for the immediate future, teletherapy will be the new normal.

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Making voice over content

Hello everyone, I have a speech impediment, thats pretty bad for the first 5 minutes of someone listening to my voice, after that normal people will be

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Measuring MLUs

Hi, I am currently supporting a preschool collect data on their students’ language. I have collected language samples and am currently measuring the students’

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