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FREE Speech Therapy Hidden Pictures For Spring!

Get some quick speech and language speech therapy practice using my speech therapy hidden pictures materials.

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Articulation Therapy Guide

Learn how to correct articulation errors by learning the basics of articulation therapy and then words to practice at home!

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Speech Therapy Winter Vocabulary: Free No Print Materials

Target vocabulary with these great speech therapy winter vocabulary materials!

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Become An Affiliate of Speech Therapy Talk!

If you want to make some quick extra money each month, consider becoming an affiliate for Speech Therapy Talk's Membership Site!

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If a student has one phoneme that he/she can't produce (ex. has a lisp and substitutes th for s.) However, it doesn't have a negative impact on the student's

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Christmas Prepositions Practice For Speech Therapy

Practice prepositions during the holidays with these fun, no-print activity for teletherapy.

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Can anyone tell me if there is any efficacious speech and swallowing treatment for a patient with polymyositis?

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Word/Sound repitition

Hello, can anyone help? My 7 year old son repeats end sounds of words or the whole word frequently within a sentance. It sounds a bit like this... Did

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Tier 2 Vocabulary & Speech Therapy

Speech therapists need to focus on tier 2 vocabulary during therapy sessions to get the most bang for their buck. Find out why and how here!

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Speech and language

Im still waiting for an appointment for speech and language and no one got back yet. Please can you advice on what to do

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