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verbal autistic child suddenly exchanges consonants

A verbal autistic child - 7 years old - suddenly started to exchange consonants. Often N instead of M, sometimes D instead of B, T instead of P. He says

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Basics! What are aims?

Hi there, I am an NQP just starting out in my first job and am so overwhelmed by the whole experience that I am getting bogged down by even the most basic

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I am wondering about the TILLS (Test of Integrated Language and Literacy Skills). I do not currently have this assessment and so don't have access to the

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Speech Therapy HedBanz - Fresh and Effective Ideas

Read our fresh and effective speech therapy HedBanz ideas! You can use these games for toddlers and school aged kids. Seriously!

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Phonological process disorder aveoler fronting

My daughter has a phonological process disorder. She was diagnosed with this through a professional speech pathologist. I am working with her at home (no

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Low tech aac E Tran board

I have a young client, who is non-verbal using eye gaze through an e-Tran board to communicate. Recently the client has been consistently chosing the same

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Kitten's First Full Moon Story Companion Materials For Speech Therapy

Speech, vocabulary, and language materials to supplement Kitten's First Full Moon. They are appropriate for preschool and elementary age students!

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Dysphonia Following Anoxic Brain Injury

I work in a SNF and have a patient who suffers from dysphonia following an anoxic brain injury. The brain injury happened at least 2 years ago and the

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Does a child with Apraxia sometimes have a light accent with certain words. An Example When A Child With Apraxia Says ... Don’t Touch This. A Chance That

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Phonological Processes

Hi- If a child is dropping off the last sound of a word sometimes, but not all the time, is it still considered a phonological process error... like

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