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With our membership, you will have instant access to HUNDREDS of pages of speech and language activities, articulation teaching guides, tailored games that target specific speech and language goals, monthly NEW storybook companions, Spanish Materials, worksheets, prompts/visuals, handouts, and more!!

New Story Companions

Our story companions have been quite popular so we decided to add them to our membership program.

As a member, each month, you will receive a NEW story companion.

Now, story companions are $5 and the membership is $5.99. Therefore, by joining, the hundreds of other pages of materials are basically free :)

You are WELCOME :)

Brief Product Overview: Professionals

  • One FREE story book companion each month!! (this pays for the membership)
  • Access to speech therapy documentation forms. All forms can be saved to your own Google Drive and tweaked to fit your needs!
  • Parent handouts in English and Spanish on speech and language development, home practice, tips, bilingual development, and more!
  • An easy-to-navigate home articulation program. All you have to do is print homework sheets, materials that are organized by sound and level of practice, and you are done for the week!
  • Core language visuals and materials (WH questions, vocabulary, story grammar)
  • Visual schedules 
  • WORKSHEETS...FUNCTIONAL WORKSHEETS for all main areas of therapy
  • It only costs $5.99 per month (less than a fancy coffee)

Brief Product Overview: Parents

  • NEW story book companion EACH MONTH
  • Access to hundreds of pages of materials for articulation and language
  • Ability to log in from any device and start practicing
  • "How to" guides for articulation therapy for ALL sounds
  • Functional language games
  • Complete ENGLISH and SPANISH articulation programs
  • Tailored activities for all developmental speech & language milestones
  • Continually updated with new material
  • It only costs $5.99 per month!

Tell me no more, I'm in!

To start, simply click on the PayPal icon below to get started. Once you input all your information, you will receive an email with your login and password and the link to get started. 

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Who is this membership for?


Speech Language Pathologists

Teachers and
Daycare Providers

This membership is user-friendly and designed for anyone who needs useful speech and language materials that actually work.

Speech Language Pathologists

  • Are you lacking time to create speech and language visuals, worksheets, home programs, story companions, etc?
  • Do you need Spanish articulation and language materials?
  • Do you need RTI materials?
  • Do you need screening materials?
  • Do you need classroom compensatory strategies?
  • Do you need visual schedules?
  • Do you need functional home programs for your students that parents will actually complete?
  • Do you need easy and effective ways to demonstrate progress to your client's families?
  • Do you need print-and-go activities?
  • Do you need STORY COMPANIONS?
  • Do you need motivational materials?
  • Are you in private practice and need documentation templates?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this membership is EXACTLY what you NEED


  • Is your child in speech therapy and you are looking for ways to support him/her at home?
  • Does your child need speech therapy but it is too expensive?
  • Does your child need speech therapy but he/she didn't qualify or the wait-lists are too long?
  • Does your child still need speech therapy but has been dismissed?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this membership is EXACTLY what you NEED


  • Are you looking for ways incorporate language learning in your classroom?
  • Do you need cues/prompts for answering WH questions, retelling a story, and following directions that actually work?
  • Do you need parent handouts on communication development?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this membership is EXACTLY what you NEED

What's so special about this membership?


  • Speech therapy is EXPENSIVE. Therapy can cost anywhere from $90-150 PER SESSION! 
  • Materials can be EXPENSIVE. Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) can be EXPENSIVE! ONE activity can cost more than this membership.

Amount of Material:

  • There are HUNDREDS of pages of materials. 
  • Instead of buying one app or one packet that targets one thing, you get a healthy variety of FUNCTIONAL and PRACTICAL games and materials.

You don't need to buy anything else:

  • We provide all materials including flashcards that you can easily print, word lists to save to Google Docs, and ideas on how to practice speech and language skills throughout the day during daily activities.

New material added:

  • When purchasing books and apps, what you buy is what you get. That's it! However, with our membership, new material is added/updated regularly. 
  • More materials are being added every week
  • There is one NEW story companion that targets all areas of development EACH MONTH.

Entire Focus on LOW-PREP and FUNCTIONAL Therapy

  • The ENTIRE PURPOSE of this site and of my own therapy practice is to create therapy programs that are PRACTICAL, FUNCTIONAL, and EFFECTIVE.
  • I DESPISE a lot of prep work (usually those activities aren't even that effective).
  • I place a huge IMPORTANCE on family education and involvement, and therefore, the materials here will reflect that philosophy.

Home Program Materials: 

  • Activities and information are specifically designed for children working towards speech and language goals ranging from saying sounds right (articulation), learning first words, and/or working on any language skills (grammar, morphology, vocabulary, narrative structure, pragmatics).

Supplemental Materials: 

  • This program supplements current speech therapy programs. 
  • Parents have activities that they can implement easily throughout the day.
  • SLPs and Educators can print off and provide activities for parents

Documentation Galore:

  • For speech therapists, documentation is annoying and time-consuming. 
  • We have streamlined the process. You will be pleased :)

Spanish Materials:

  • We have Spanish handouts and a complete Spanish articulation program to help our Spanish speaking families! 
  • We know how important it is to encourage bilingual language acquisition.

What Exactly is Included?

Story Companions:

  • This is NEW. Everyone has been loving our new story companions.
  • Therefore, as part of our membership program, you will get ONE story companion PER MONTH.
  • Since story companions are $5, the rest of this membership is basically FREE.

Articulation (Spanish and English) Materials & Guides:

  • Teaching strategies
  • Cueing techniques
  • Practice at all levels (word, phrase, sentence, conversation)
  • Flashcards
  • Word lists
  • Functional games
  • Generalization worksheets
  • Print-and-go home program materials
  • Screening forms
  • and more!

Language Games and Guides:

  • Baby language development tips and techniques
  • Late talker strategies and games
  • Functional games based on milestones
  • Tips on how to encourage first words without frustration
  • Easy language games to play at home
  • Easy ways to build vocabulary
  • Expand single words into phrases and sentences
  • Grammar games
  • Effective ways to practice WH questions
  • Learn and love story structure

Worksheets/Prompts/Guides (print-and-go) For:

  • Articulation
  • Grammar
  • Story Grammar
  • WH Questions
  • Answering Questions

Documentation Templates For:

  • Creating invoices
  • Tracking progress (quickly and effectively)
  • Keeping tracking of attendance and minutes
  • Client files (private practice)
  • Case history forms
  • Screening forms
  • On-line screening materials

Motivation Tools:

  • If-then sheets
  • I'm working for sheets
  • Badges
  • Visual schedules
  • And more!

RTI Materials:

  • Screening forms
  • Classroom strategies
  • Materials
  • And more!

Sneak Peak For Professionals

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Sneak Peek For Parents & Caregivers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you only use PayPal?

For your protection, we only accept membership payments through PayPal. By using PayPal, Speech Therapy Talk Services, LLC does not have access to or store any personal information such as bank accounts or credit cards. Please visit PayPal for more information on how personal information is stored and protected.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes! You are able to cancel your membership at any time.

If you have already paid your $5.99 monthly fee, you will not be pro-rated or refunded for the last month. 

Will my monthly rates increase?

Never! You are locked into your monthly rate when you sign up. If rates ever go up for new members, your rates WILL NOT INCREASE.


Think about it! If you have questions, feel free to contact us or email at bridget@speechtherapytalk.com.

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Bridget is an ASHA certified, practicing speech language pathologist. She is passionate about providing parents with information on child speech and language development as well as provide functional, easy activities to do at home! Parents have the power to make a real difference. Follow Bridget at Facebook and Pinterest for more fun!

Author of  child language development eBook series