Speech Therapy At Home:
SLP's Guide

I created this site to help other fellow SLP's create easy home programs. I, for one, have a hard time keeping up on the research, planning for sessions, taking data, and doing paperwork. There is little to no time left to create home programs!

However, after working in both private practices and schools, I realized that a good home program can help carryover and speed up progress! Therefore...I thought, why don't I create a site where materials are functional and easy to find! No more endless worksheets that never seem to make their way home or back to me :)

Members Area is Divided into  6 Sections:

1. Home Articulation Program: English

This is a large section. In it, you will find parent handouts explaining the basics of articulation therapy, and how to practice at home. There are materials for word, sentence, and conversational level of practice for all phonemes. 


2. Home Articulation Program: Spanish

We have parent handouts, screening tools, flashcard games, flashcards, and more.

Click here and get to work!

3. Response to Intervention Materials

In this section, you will find:

  • Teacher Referral Form
  • Compensatory Strategies For Classroom Teachers
  • Articulation Screener
  • Language Screener
  • Organization Tools For Screenings
  • Data Sheets
  • Parent Notification Of Services
  • Progress Monitoring Tool

4. Documentation

I created documentation templates in Google Drive. There are templates for both school and private practice documentation. 

We have created videos explaining how to use each template and then a link so you can save a copy to your own Google Drive and adjust to make them fit your needs. Please don't share these templates with all of your friends. They are for members only. Thanks!

5. Parent Handouts

Parent education is one of the most important roles speech-language pathologists play! With all the junk on the internet, parents need research-based information. I get so frustrated by the quick fixes out there that play on a parent's fears, cost a lot of money, and don't help!

We are busy creating easy-to-understand print-outs in both English and Spanish. This section is growing all the time. Keep checking back!

6. Speech Therapy Visuals

In this section, we have created blank schedules to help parents with children who may have a hard time transitioning between activities. I also use this section to help encourage parents to work on sequencing skills, vocabulary, and WH questions. Enjoy! 



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