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I still have reservations about using an Ipad for every therapy session as it takes away from natural conversational skills; however, there are some WONDERFUL benefits including:

  1. Ipads are naturally motivating to students
  2. They keep me organized with online data tracking (less post-its and endless scribbles on scrap pieces of paper!)
  3. My Google docs (schedules, attendance, data tracking) are available at my fingertips which means less weekly printing
  4. Programmers are coming up with some interesting screeners, data organizers, and other useful apps almost daily
  5. They make work traveling easier. I have less toys, artic cards, and binders to drag around

My Reviews

Super Duper Data Tracker

This Super Duper Data Tracker app is fantastic for so many reasons. One, you can't beat the price, $1.99. Two, it keeps track of all your data over multiple sessions for all your students in one spot. Click here to read my full review: speech therapy apps: Data Tracker.

Pocket Artic: pSLP

The Pocket Artic: pSLP app is an articulation app which records your student's responses, tracks progress over multiple sessions, graphs the data, and much more! Click on Pocket Artic to learn more.

Articulation Screener Pro

Make your work life easier with this articulation screener. I am finally more organized with my artic screenings and I can complete them in a shorter amount of time. The results are easily understood by non-speechies as well!

What I look for in an App

There are many "game apps" out there that work on specific skills. While I think these apps are good to use once in a while as a treat, I am not ready to use them daily during sessions.

I don't want my children to get really good at an app and not carry over their progress to the classroom and/or daily life.

HOWEVER, I LOVE data tracking apps that can measure and graph progress. They make my life so much easier. I will also be reviewing "game" apps that are worth the purchase and hopefully find some free apps along the way.

Stay Tuned!

Bridget is an ASHA certified, practicing speech language pathologist. She is passionate about providing parents with information on child speech and language development as well as provide functional, easy activities to do at home! Parents have the power to make a real difference. Follow Bridget at Facebook and Pinterest for more fun!

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