Speech Therapy App For Data Tracking

 I bought this speech therapy app myself and use it daily at my job. I was not paid for this review. I just love it and want to share it with my fellow readers. You can buy this app at the itunes store

My Review

The Super Duper Data Tracker app is a fantastic app for tracking and graphing your student's goals. The simplicity of the app attracted me to it (oh...and the price of $1.99!)

When you open the app, you come to the home page. You have a choice to to start a new session, continue your last session, manage players, manage groups, view sessions, or other "setting" types of things.

First things first, you need to add players (your students). To do so, click "manage players" and then click on the plus sign on top of the page. To add a player, simply put in your student's name and goals. You can enter multiple goals if needed. You can also add the student to a group if that makes sense for you. 

On this screen, you get a choice on how to track progress. I find this so simple yet necessary! Personally, I track cueing including the amount and type. For me, mastery is not just obtaining a skill but being able to use that skill independently!  

When you are done, return to the home page and click "start a session." Choose your student/goal and start tracking. That's it!

When you are done, you can view the results from the current session and previous sessions. You have the ability to email the results to yourself or parents.

The graph is the best part of the whole app if you ask me! I need to graph my goals as part of my job. I find the graph is also a nice visual to show parents when discussing progress, especially since most of my parents speak more than one language. 


I only have pros for this app:

  1. Easily tracks data 
  2. Price!
  3. Saves time since I don't have to transcribe scribbles from post-it notes to my computer at the end of the day
  4. Tracks accuracy and cueing
  5. Graphs data over multiple sessions
  6. Ability to email data to self for printing or to parents

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