Speech Therapy App Articulation

This review is for a speech therapy app articulation: Pocket Artic (pSLP Artic).

You can find this app on itunes or here.

Overall, this is a handy app for a decent price, $9.99. I use it for tracking progress for my RTI articulation students. It may be a bit dry to use during every session for practice but it is an excellent way to measure progress!

I bought this app myself. I am not paid for this review. 

My Review: Pocket Artic

On the home screen, you have the option to add students, review scores, start a quick screening, and/or do other "setting" types of things. I first clicked on clients and added all of my IEP and RTI students who had articulation goals.

When you start a quick quiz or add a student, you are brought to this screen above. On this screen, you can choose what phonemes you are targeting depending on each student. The app will store your choices so you don't have to do this every time you start a new session with a student.

Once you start a session, you have the option of targeting one or all phonemes, the position within the word, and the level of difficulty (word or sentence level). You track responses online with the buttons on the left. There is a recording ability  also but I have yet to use it.

Another cool feature is that you can assess more than one student at a time. This is handy for small group sessions.

When you are done with a session, press the results button to review the results. It will give a percentage of correct responses per phoneme and position for that specific session and provide a graph to document progress over multiple sessions.

You can print or email the report from your ipad.

Quick Summary: Speech Therapy App Articulation


  1. Easily tracks articulation progress
  2. Graphs progress over multiple sessions
  3. Collects data for more than one student at a time
  4. Email and/or print graphs 
  5. Change phoneme position and/or level during sessions


  1. There are no "games" built in
  2. May be a bit dry to use every session

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