SLP Documentation: Google Drive

I use Google Drive for my documentation for my private practice. I LOVE it and it only costs $5 per month (please see disclaimer below).

Please don't share these forms with other speech language pathologists. It violates copyright, and it isn't very nice! If you like it, recommend this site to your friends. 

Thanks :)

How To Create Your Own Document

When you click on a link, the document you want will be added to your Google Drive. However, the document will be "view only." In order to save your own copy to use and modify, click on file from the top menu and then click "make a copy." This will create your own copy and you can use it as you see fit.


Regular Gmail and Google Drive is not HIPPA compliant. I use G Suite which costs $5.00 per month. After signing up for G Suite, I agreed to the Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with Google. This is a MUST to be HIPPA compliant.

Private Practice Documentation: Videos & Templates


Click on a link to save your copies now. There are 3 different templates to choose from. 

Case History Form

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this case history form.

Copy Template Here: Case History Form.

If you want a copy of the case history form, email me and I will make you a copy where you are the owner and no one else has access to it. Make sure you are using G Suite :)

Client File

This is my newest form of taking session data or SOAP notes. It has 3 tabs at the bottom to keep track of treatment plan, daily notes, and session overview/payments. Please watch the video before using.

Copy template here:  Client File

Initial Paperwork

School Documentation: Videos & Templates

Daily Data Tracking & Graphing

Download your copy now! Daily Data Tracking & Graphing

Data Tracking

Download your copy now! Data Tracking


Download your copy now! Attendance

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