Scientific Name of The Speaking Techniques - Help Needed Please

by Jay

Hello to everyone,

I've just migrated to USA from India for my grad education. I used to stammer sometimes when I'm not able to follow the following technique: trick your brain to consider the words as a physical objects in your mouth. And whenever they got stuck in your mouth just push them out with breath-out. When ever you feel word is not coming out from your mouth just start breathing fast and again pretend it's physical object. Very soon the moment will come when that word will automatically come out from your mouth. Now the reason I'm not able to follow this technique anymore is psychological. I completely isolated my self as far as this technique is concerned once I learnt this technique in stammering documentary I saw around 12-16 years ago on Discovery channel. I may have used different words to describe this technique but overall the method was about out-breath again and again until you kick that word out from your mouth. Can anybody please please tell me the name of this technique so that I can connect with other people who used it so that I'll be able to relive my life again.

And another technique sometimes works for me the one which I learnt from a singer on radio show: although it was not about stammering in general but it was for singers to make them lose fear of failure while singing. He said when you're singing do not think voice is coming out from your mouth instead trick your brain to see it as air is coming out from your mouth; it's only air in transient! As soon as you trick your brain like this you will feel fluency in your speech like never before. And then I try to follow the same trick to avoid stammering in my speech and my speech really improved. But I can't follow these brain hacks alone as doing it so will push me into isolation that will lead to depression and panic attacks as I'm facing now days. I need somebody with whom I can share so that I can pull it off without feeling lonely or isolated or depressed.

One last technique works for me sometimes as to trick your mind to observe voice coming out from your mouth not as voice but as physical movement of your mouth. And voice will be the by product of moving your lips physically. It's like if B is by product of A then do not pay attention on B instead put your whole focus on A; consequently B will automatically happen. Please share the name of this technique also.

In all three approaches above, one thing is common i.e. tricking one's brain. So any similar brain trick would be appreciated as well.

Thank you very much for your time, and efforts.

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