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S Syllable Level

First things first, your child has to be able to say S in syllables. Syllables are the first level to target after the teaching phase since, by saying syllables, you take away all other speech and/or language demands. Also, your child isn’t repeating words that he or she has already learned incorrectly. It is hard to break a bad habit and start a new one at the same time!

Mirror Syllable Game

Materials: A mirror and S syllable list

How to do activity:

  1. Sit in front of a mirror with your child.
  2. Look into the mirror and encourage your child to do the same.
  3. Say S and review what your tongue, teeth, breath, and jaw are doing.
  4. Have your child practice S while looking in the mirror. If your child makes a mistake, review the teaching phase using the mirror.
  5. Once you have the correct pronunciation, pick a syllable from the syllable list below.
  6. Say the syllable and have your child repeat while looking in the mirror.
  7. Continue with this procedure while practicing all syllables (initial, medial, and final).

S syllable list: Print or use chart below


Work on syllables for a few minutes a few times a day or until your child learns how to say S syllables correctly. Once your child can say S syllables at least 80% of the time, move on to word level practices.


  1. Play around with cues here. Try various tactile, verbal, or visual cues. Also, make sure to consult your SLP (if your child is working with one) for what cues work during therapy. It is nice to have consistency between therapy and home practice. 
  2. Don’t forget to fill out the syllable chart above so you can remember what you tried and how it went! 

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