Road Trip Games - No Technology!!

The holidays are fast approaching and that means there might be car, plane, train, or bus travel in your future. Holidays can be stressful but traveling with children can be the straw that breaks the camels back.

Hopefully, our road trip games can ease some of that stress and target some cognitive, speech, language and motor skills at the same time :)

It is tempting to just grab technology...ipad, tablet, phone, video game or movie and "entertain" our children while we travel. It is EASY and I will admit, I will use it time to time. However, it isn't my "go to" car game.

Instead, I have my top speech therapy car games for all ages that can entertain a child and work on speech, language, and cognitive skills.

It may take a few extra dollars and some extra toys in the car but that is a small price to pay for learning, right?!

Road Trip Games for 3 & Under

  1. Band-aids - Let your child open band-aids and stick them all over
  2. Stickers - Stick sticker everywhere
  3. Painters Tape - This is awesome! On an airplane, my 3 year old made road and houses out of painters tape and was busy for an hour. A young child can just rip it and stick it!
  4. Light-up Toys - The dollar store toys that light up and spin can keep a child busy for ages
  5. Cars/Trucks - Drive cars and trucks all over the carseat!
  6. Sand/Rice Surprise - Put sand or rice in a clear bottle with some dollar store creatures. As your child turns the bottle around, he/she will discover treasures!
  7. Dry Erase Boards - Get a mini dry erase boards and markers and let your child draw!
  8. Cotton Balls - Cotton balls are a good sensory activity. Your child can play with them, squeeze them, and tear them apart
  9. Stacking Cups - Stacking cups are great for motor and cognitive skills. They are easy to pack too!
  10. Books - Board books and sensory books are great for cars and learning vocab
  11. Flashlight - Who doesn't love a flashlight. This is great if it is dark outside as well.
  12. Coloring Book - A good old fashion coloring book can keep little ones busy and working on fine motor skills. 

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Road Trip Games for 3 & Older

  1. Stringing Beads - Place beads on a string. Great motor activity too!
  2. Dry Erase Boards - Practice writing and drawing with a mini dry erase board
  3. Mini Baking Pan & Magnets - If you can find a mini-baking pan, grab it. Bring some magnets and let your child play!
  4. Car Bingo - You can buy some road trip/car bingo board for pretty cheap. As you drive, your child can fill out his/her board
  5. Maps - Okay...I give my child the phone for this one, but my GPS map is open and he can look at the map and explore as we drive. He actually gives me the directions as well!
  6. Painters Tape - Seriously, painters tape is COOL! My, now 4 year old, makes all kinds of creations on airplane fold-up tables
  7. Books - Have your child read or look at picture books
  8. I Spy - Play "I spy" with your child
  9. License Plate Game - Be on the look-out for license plates from all 50 states
  10. Coloring Books - A coloring book and crayons is an oldie but GOODIE!
  11. Sticker Books - I know for sure that Melissa & Doug make some pretty cool reusable sticker books with all sorts of different scene
  12. Flashlight - Older kids, including my oldest kid (my husband) LOVES flashlights. They never get old :)

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Road Trip Games 6 & Older

  1. 20 Questions - great game to target categorization, vocabulary, and deductive reasoning
  2. License Plate Game - See how many different license plates you can spot
  3. I Spy - Find an object and give a descriptive clue. Great language game!
  4. Going on a trip and I'm going bring - Each person says the carrier phrase and then adds an object. You can use the alphabet too if you would like - the first object starts with an A, the second a B. Every time a player takes a turn, he/she must repeat the previous objects and then add a new one. Great language and memory game!
  5. If I had a million dollars - Each person share what he/she would do if he/she had a million dollars.
  6. Where are they going? - Pick a car and make a funny story about where they are going. Discuss who is in the car, where they are going, and what they are going to do. It can be fun and a great practice for narrative structure.

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