2. Walking Game

Needed Materials:


How To Play:

There are a few ways to use the Repeat-Expand-Repeat technique while out for a walk depending on your child's current language ability. The key is to match your child's language and then expand it by a few words.

To begin this game, go for a walk with your child. Your child can be walking next to you (preferable) or in a stroller. If you decide to use a stroller, make sure to stop and talk with your child at his or her level every once in awhile. This way you can talk with your child instead of at him or her.

When your child says a word, expand on it. If your child is quiet, you may have to start the conversation by pointing out an animal or object. Next, once your child says a word, repeat it to give validation. Then repeat the word or phrase while adding a word or two (expansion). Wait a few moments to see if your child will repeat your expanded phrase. If your child repeats your expanded phrase, yeah, success! If your child does not repeat your phrase, repeat it one more time and move on. 


  • Don't correct your child’s grammar if he/she is less than 3 years of age. 
  • Don't correct your child’s grammar if he/she is less than 3 years of age. Grammar skills develop slowly over the next few years.
  • Expand with one or two words only. Keep it simple! If your expansion is too long, your child may not repeat it.
  • Give adequate wait time, up to 10 seconds, for your child to respond.
  • This technique is beneficial as it gives validation to your child’s communication attempts and expands the length of their utterances.

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