Question Time:

Children learn best while playing. It is the most meaningful and relevant activity to them. Therefore, use our question technique to help the language learning process along!

Language Milestones Targeted

Expressive Language

Receptive Language

  • Uses 30-50 words consistently 
  • 60% intelligible to unfamiliar listeners 
  • Imitates words easily 
  • Vocabulary increases each month 
  • Asks simple questions 
  • Follows simple directions 
  • Understands about 300 words

Question Time: Toys

What You Need: A farm, house, blocks, play food or anything with multiple pieces

How To Play: Sit down on the floor with your child. Get out a few toys such as a dollhouse and a dog. Get your child interested in the game. Once your child joins you in the game, take out 2 more objects and show your child. If your child names one object, then give it to your child. If your child only points to an object or tries to grab it, then continue with the question technique. 

Say the name of each object as you show them to your child using inflection (as if you were asking a question). Hopefully, your child will repeat one of the names here. If not, add the "3 Strikes and You Win," technique. Once you know which toy your child wants, say the name of it while holding it next to your mouth. Allow a few seconds for your child to repeat it. If no word is spoken, offer the toy halfway and repeat the name. Give your child a few seconds to respond. If your child still only points or grunts, then repeat the name one more time as you give the object. Praise your child for listening and trying!


  • Offer only 2 options.
  • Make sure you show the food to your child as you name it.
  • Use simple language.
  • Ask the initial question and then provide models for 2 possible answers that matches your child's language ability. By offering a choice, your child learns what kind of response such a question requires
  • Your child has the opportunity to repeat words which is a great learning opportunity and/or vocabulary review.

Toy Game: Dollhouse

    Example Script, What NOT TO DO:
  • Parent: What toy do you want next to put in your house?            
  • Child: Points to a box full of toys.                                                           
  • Parent: Which toy do you want? Use your words.
  • Child: Whines louder (frustrated!)
  • Parent: Tell me what you want to play with.
  • Child: Crying

In this script, the parent does not offer choices and the child does not know how to respond. This can cause frustration! The child wasn't able to communicate and a language learning opportunity was lost.

Example Script, What TO DO:

  • Parent: What do you want next? Girl shows toy girl in one hand or cat shows child a toy cat?
  • Child: Child points to cat.                                                          
  • Parent: Cat?  Repeats cat while holding cat next to mouth                          
  • Child: Smiles and points to cat                          
  • Parent: Cat, move the toy cat halfway to the child                               
  • Child: Cat                                            
  • Parent: Cat, Good Talking! Gives cat to child

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