Problem with speaking clear, bass voice

I have had this problem for more than 7 months and its driving me crazy, before those months I felt the voice coming from my chest and had deep and refreshing breathing, over time I couldnt breath freshly and couldnt speak clearly, I was swallowing words and speaking really fast (I couldnt get the sensation of vibration at chest).
I thought it was all about phelgm at throat so I started a diet which I dont eat diary and started drinking apple cider vinegar and ginger etc... that helped a bit but it didnt do a noticable change.
I found out that when I cough really hard ( like dry cough) I get some kind of saliva or mucus out and I get a temporary relief and I can speak somehow like I spoke when I didnt have this problem.
As I said before the cough "trick" is temporary (for like a minute) and then I feel like I cant breath freely and speak well.
I feel like I lost my real voice and now I use my "throat voice" which is kinda annoying to use because I speak fast and swallowing words with it.

I am getting really tired from it. I went to 2 diffrent ENT's and they said nothing was wrong.
I also went to family doctor and he sent me to do bunch of heart tests and the results said nothing was wrong ad well.

I am really getting tired of this problem and I feel its hurting my quality of life.
does anyone know a cure or a fix??
(sorry if there are some grammar mistakes, English isnt my main language).

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