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Peek A Boo

Learn more about a game you most likely are already doing with your child! It is both fun and educational!


The purpose of peek-a-boo is to interact with your child in a fun way! More importantly, this social game teaches object permanence, cause and effect, and early social skills. 

It also targets the following milestones:

  • Plays social games
  • Smiles in response to familiar faces 

How to Play:

The classic way to play peek-a-boo is one person hides their face with their hands and upon opening their hands, he or she says "peek a boo." It is that simple! 

However, there is more to it than that and I will cover that here. 

First: You need to get your child's attention. Some children respond immediately to this game but some don't. If your child falls into the "some don't" category, try to use a funny voice or make funny noises. If this doesn't work, you may have to tickle or kiss your child when saying "peek a boo."

Second: Another goal is to have your child "expect" your response. Therefore, you need to try to build up suspense in between "peek a boos." You can accomplish this by delaying or varying your time in between "peek a boos." Once your child becomes an expert at this game, you can even wait to say "peek a boo" until your child gives you a sign such as a giggle, pointing, or grunting.

Third: As your child progresses, see if you can switch roles with your child. Your child does any sort of "peek a boo" and you laugh. Their "peek a boo" could be using a hand to hide, blanket, or even closing their eyes. 


My son is the king of variations. He likes everything with a twist. Plain ole Peek A Boo just wouldn't do. Here are some of my variations and why:

  • Instead of saying "peek a boo" every time, say "hi," "boo," "I see you," "here I am," etc... By varying your phrases, you expose your child to more vocabulary.
  • Hide behind a wall, under a table, or just out of sight and then pop back while saying your phrase. This may be more exciting and funny for your child.
  • When your child is hiding, say "where is ____(name of child)?" and then "there he is." This is a good way to expose your child to vocabulary and question words.

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