Speech and Language Milestone Checklist
1-2 Years Old

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How to Use Checklist


This checklist is meant to be a guideline. My recommendation is to print it out and make a note in the yes, no, or it’s complicated column for each skill.It may take a few days or even a few weeks to complete the needed observations. Make any notes of concerns or questions in the last column. 


  • Explains speech and language milestones in simplified terms
  • Helps parents understand if their child is on track or if there is anything that needs further investigating
  • Keeps track of child’s progress concerning speech and language development


Your child’s profile does not diagnosis any disorder! It does not even indicate that your child needs or doesn’t need an evaluation. 

Instead, this checklist is designed to give parents and professionals a quick glance of what to expect concerning their children’s speech and language development. It creates a broad picture of current strengths and possible areas of need. 

The responses from this checklist can be used to track progress and to help parents pick which section of Toddler Talk to start with first. 

Remember, there is a RANGE of normal and no child is expected to reach all milestones at the same time. Some children take longer than others, and that is okay.  If your child is behind, it does not necessarily mean he/she has a disorder either. If you are concerned, please contact your pediatrician or a local speech language pathologist. 

Click Here: Download Checklist Now!

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