Kitten's First Full Moon
Story Companion

Reading is one of the BEST ways to develop strong speech, language, social, and cognitive skills.

The story companions at Speech Therapy Talk Services, LLC help to guide parents and professionals on how to BEST support speech and language growth while reading our recommended books.

Theory Behind The Materials

As always, I will review the theory behind these materials. 

The goal of using story companions to teach speech and language skills is to keep speech and language therapy activities functional, natural, and meaningful. Reading is one task that checks all those boxes and it is low-prep and relatively inexpensive. 

This "Kitten's First Full Moon" story companion helps support a child's speech and language development WHILE reading and while discussing the book. There aren't any extra, needless worksheets.

This companion targets:

  • Articulation
  • Vocabulary
  • Narrative Structure
  • Following Directions
  • Answering WH Questions
  • Sentence Structures
  • Categorization

For example, the sentence strips and WH cue cards can be printed and cut out and used to help children answer WH questions while reading the story (i.e., a child who doesn't have the expressive language abilities to answer a question can point to a picture to answer the question and take part in a group).

The story retell guide can help a child sequence events, practice narrative structure, target correct articulation (if applicable), reinforce new vocabulary, and more!

What's Included In This Story Companion

  • Who Cards
  • Where Cards
  • What Doing Card
  • Vocabulary Learning Template
  • Categorization Template
  • Reading Comprehension Questions
  • Sequencing
  • Story Retell Template (with visuals)
  • Following Direction Activity
  • Main Idea/Review of Story Worksheet
  • Sentence Strips
  • Articulation Practice

If you need the book....

If you don't own The Kitten's First Full moon, you can rent it from the library or buy it from Amazon. 

Also, it is necessary to own this book if you want to use this story companion. You can find it on Amazon by clicking the link below.

Where to Buy

You can buy this story companion HERE! For only $5 it is all yours. 

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Kitten's First Full Moon Worksheet

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Since these story companions are:

  • so popular,
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