Can Imitate Words but Chooses Not too!

This imitation section "Can Imitate Words but Chooses Not too," has 2 different sections. It included background information as well as 2 imitation games. 

If this is your first time, please read through the entire page to get a feel for the information and game ideas. If you have been here before, jump down to the games or download your copies right here!

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Background Information

If your child is able to imitate words but chooses not too, there are some fun games to play at home to increase imitation! Take the pressure off and have fun!

Below you will find games to practice imitation and then a link to print off game in an easy-to-read format. Please print off the game and place it in a frequented spot. That way, you will remember to practice!

Imitation Games

Stuffed Animals Game


Stuffed Animals

Words to Imitate

Any word or sound

How To Play

Get on the floor with your child in a familiar spot such as the playroom.

  • First: Model how to imitate the teddy bear while your child simply watches. For example, have your teddy bear make a sound or word that your child can already say (i.e., “baba”). Then, you, the parent, imitates the bear (i.e., say “baba).
  • Next: After a few introductions, engage your child. To begin, use sounds or words your child can already imitate. Have the bear say a sound and then encourage your child to repeat. You want your child to be successful with this game. Praise your child for all attempts to imitate and make it fun.
  • Last: Once your child enjoys playing this game, start adding new words or sounds (depending on the level of your child).
  • For example, if your child can imitate "ba" while the bear is playing with a bottle, try to add another syllable such as "baba.” If your child can imitate a word such as "hi," add another word such as "hi doggie" or "hi kitty."

Printable Handout

Puppet Game


Puppet or stuffed animal and play food

Words To Imitate

Food, Eat, More, Yummy, Yucky

How To Play

Put a puppet on your hand and encourage your child to feed the puppet toy food. At first, you may have to show your child how to play the game. Make it fun and silly.

Tip: If your child is not engaged in the game, get him/her involved by having puppet spit out the food and say yucky every once in awhile. 

Printable Handout

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