Speech Therapy Materials

The words chosen for speech therapy can make all the difference between a good therapy program and a great one! For the generalization phase, it is crucial to use high-frequency words!! It only makes sense to use words that the client will actually say outside of the therapy room. Right?!

Current Research

After reading the article, Non-words and Generalization in Children With Phonological Disorders, I thought… of course, therapy needs to include high-frequency words.

* By generalization, I am referring to when a client can say sounds at the word, sentence, or conversation level in therapy but still has errors outside of the therapy room. 

What's So Special About These Materials:

Before I get to the thought process of my materials, you need to learn a bit about myself. I need materials that:

  • Use little Ink. I work for myself and printing is EXPENSIVE! I can't waste ink on elaborate pictures, unneeded graphics, and cutesy stuff.
  • Can be adaptable. I need materials to work for a large age range! My flashcards can work as cariboo cards. My dot marker pages can be used as smashmats. The list goes on!
  • Are low-prep. I don't have time to lesson plan and actually don't believe in it. I need materials that I can grab as a session develops. I must think on my feet and adapt as a session progresses.
  • Control for phonetic environments. I can't stand articulation practice sheets that jams in as many as possible words for the target sound. However, that makes transitioning from word level to sentence level practice almost impossible. It is necessary to focus on one word a time and control for surrounding vowels.
  • Review goals naturally. Too many times kids don't even know target sounds let alone the anatomy behind saying sounds. As young as three, each of clients know what their teeth, tongue, jaw, breath, and voice must do to say a sound correctly!

What's Included With Each Sound:

With each purchase, you will receive: 

  • Flashcards that can be used a Cariboo Cards too, yeah
  • Flashcard free games that can be used as home practice
  • Dot markers/Smash-mats, and/or coloring pages
  • Articulation warm-up sheets which can be used as a goal review
  • Cue cards
  • Word lists
  • Flashcards which has word, phrase, and sentence level practice
  • Cut/paste sentence level worksheets
  • Self-assessment sheets

High-Frequency Therapy Materials - Complete Set By Sound

I am working as fast as I can to make these materials. So far, I have:




High-Frequency Leveled Flashcards

Almost ready!!! Stay tuned for the entire set of level high-frequency flashcards. It should be released at the end of the week or beginning of next week. 

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