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Sentence Level Practice

Congratulations! You have made it to sentence level practice for CH. At this stage, you are going to throw away your flashcards.

Throw away your flashcards because when your child sees "speech flashcards," he or she goes into "speech mode." In "speech mode," your child remembers to say CH correctly. However, when your child is not in "speech mode," he or she may not say the sound right.

Therefore, your child now must work on CH during more "natural" games. This is how we transition all the great progress made so far into automatic, everyday speech!

I created games that naturally contain CH words. To be successful with these games, make sure to incorporate as many CH sentences as possible. Also, give appropriate verbal, visual, and tactile cues as needed.

My Best Practice Tips:

1. Remind your child that you are going to play a game and practice CH at the same time. Everyone has to remember to use their good CH sound! I like to do a quick "warm-up" and repeat a few CH words for practice.

2. Introduce the target sentences and then practice them with your child before starting the game.

3. Incorporate as many repetitions of the target sentences as possible.

4. Make sure you, the parent, take turns during games. You have the opportunity to model the target sentence which has the power to accelerate the process.

5. Don't forget to give appropriate verbal, visual, and tactile cues as needed.

Lastly, remember to have fun!!

Functional Games


Target Sentences

I found a match, Not a match, I know where the match is, I think this one is a match 

How to Play

Find about 15-30 cards. They can be any kind of cards such as flashcards, picture cards, and/or playing cards. There must be a match for every card. Turn over all the cards, face down, on a table and organize them in rows and columns. Now you are ready! All players take turns turning over 2 cards at a time. If the cards are a match, the player keeps the cards and gets another turn. If they are not a match, the player turns the cards back over and the next player takes a turn. Make sure to say one of the target sentences above with EACH turn. 

Example Script

  • Child: (Turns 2 cards over) 2 and 6, they are not a match.
  • Parent: Good “ch”. My turn. (turns 2 cards over) 4 and 6, they are not a match.
  • Child: I know where a match is! (Turns 2 cards over)
  • Child: 6 and 6, I found a match!
  • Parent: Good job and great job say “ch.”


Target Sentences

Catch a ball, Good catch

How to Play

Play catch with your child. You can play catch in the backyard with a ball or even play catch in the living room with a pair of socks. The only important part is you must say the word "catch" in a sentence before each turn.

Example Script

  • Parent: Ready to catch the ball?
  • Child: Yes! 
  • Parent: Catch ball (parent throws ball)
  • Child: Ready..catsh the ball 
  • Parent: Wait, I heard catsh. Say catch again with your choo choo sound.
  • Child: Catch the ball (child throws ball)
  • Parent: Good job
  • Etc..

Yoga...Yes Yoga!

Target Sentences

Stretch and touch your _______, Stretch your _______

How to Play

Stretch with your child. You can simply tell each other what stretch to do. Or, if your child wants to, he/she can be the yoga teacher and lead all the stretches! The key here is to say "stretch" and "touch" with every turn to get two “ch” practices!

Example Script

  • Parent: Your turn. You are going to be the yoga teacher. Tell us what to stretch using your good “ch: sound. 
  • Child: Stretch and touch your toes.
  • Parent & Child: (touches toes)
  • Child: Now, sit down, twist, stretch, and touch your back like this.
  • Etc…

Talent Show

Target Sentence

Watch this

How to Play

This game takes a little bit of creativity but it is very functional. Kids say "watch this" often throughout the day. Pick a game that your child enjoys be it a video game, sports, dress up, coloring, doing a cartwheel, throwing a ball etc... Then, take turns doing a trick and saying "watch this" before each turn. 

Example Script

  • Parent: Watch this! (parent throws a ball really high)
  • Child: I can throw it even higher. Watch this! (child throws a ball really high)
  • Parent: Good “ch!” My turn. I can throw it high and catch it. Watch this! (parent throws a ball and tries to catch it)
  • Etc…

Picture Time!

Target Phrases

Picture time, Take my picture, Good picture, Bad picture

How to Play

Take pictures of your child and/or have your child take pictures of you. Make sure to say one of the phrases above with each picture. Try to say the word "picture" as much as possible. 

Example Script

  • Parent: Let's take some pictures with my phone. What should I take a picture of?
  • Child: Take a picture of me!
  • Parent: Good “ch.” Okay, I'll take your picture. (parent takes picture)
  • Parent: Here is the picture. How does it look?
  • Child: It is a great picture. Can I take a picture of you?
  • Etc…

Chocolate Math

Target Sentences

Take 2 chocolates away, Add 2 more chocolates, We have 10 chocolates

How to Play

Gather some chocolate chips, candy bars, or even pretend chocolate candies made out of paper and do some math problems. Depending on the level of your child, you can do some addition or subtraction problems or even just count the pieces of chocolate. Make sure you say chocolate with every turn. 

Example Script

  • Parent: I have an idea to make math more fun. Let's do chocolate math. How many chocolates do you have?
  • Child: I have 10 pieces.
  • Parent: Good counting. Let’s say the whole sentence to practice “ch” - I have 10 pieces of chocolate 
  • Child: I have 10 pieces of chocolate.
  • Parent. Good “ch” and good counting. Now, I'm taking 2 chocolates away (parent and child eat them). How many do you have left?
  • Child: I have 8 chocolates!
  • Parent: Good counting and good “ch” sound!
  • Etc…

Question Time

Target Phrases

Question number 1, Question number 2, I have 15 questions

How to Play

One person thinks of a person, place, or thing. The other players take turns asking questions to figure out the mystery object. They only get 15 questions! The twist is the guessers have to say "question number____" before each turn to count the questions and practice “ch.” Adjust the level of language if needed. You can give hints or clues as well.

Example Script

  • Child: Question number 1, is it a place?
  • Parent: Yes, it is a place. Good “ch” too!
  • Child: Question number 2, have I been there?
  • Parent: Good question. You have never been there.
  • Etc…


Target Words

Kitchen, Chocolate, Cheese, Chicken, Chop, Lunch

How to "Play" 

This is not a game at all. Instead, be aware of all the “ch” words you or your child might say during meals. Encourage your child to pay attention to “ch” as well. A sticker or tally system for every “ch” word pronounced correctly may be good motivation to remain concentrated for an entire meal. See if your child can beat their previous record!

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