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Blanket Game

To play this game you will need a beloved toy and blanket. That's it!


The purpose of the blanket game is to interact with your child in a fun way! More importantly, this social game teaches object permanence, cause and effect, and early social skills. 

It also targets the following milestones:

  • Plays social games
  • Smiles in response to familiar faces 
  • Babbling

How to Play:

  1. Get on the floor with your child. Get out a favorite toy like a ball or doll and a blanket.
  2. Show your child the toy and get him or her excited about it.
  3. Hide the toy under the blanket and ask your child... "where is the ball/doll?"
  4. Wait a moment to see if your child will point or make some sort of sound. If your child is silent, don't worry. 
  5. Then, lift the blanket and say "here it is!" Smile and make it fun. If your child doesn't seem engaged, you can always tickle your child to get a laugh.
  6. Keep repeating this process until your child becomes familiar with it.
  7. Once your child is familiar with it, see if your child will be the "hider" by moving the blanket up and down

Tips: Keep your child's eye contact during the game. Take turns lifting the blanket. Make it fun and go for some laughs. Do anything to make him or her laugh!


My son is the king of variations. He likes everything with a twist. Regular Peek-A-Boo just wouldn't do. Here are some of my variations:

  • You can hide an object in your hand instead of under a blanket
  • You can say "uh-oh" when the object goes missing
  • You can hide yourself or your child under the blanket
  • You can use a box instead of a blanket like my darling little boy pictured above!

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