Bilingual children's accent

by Kash
(New Jersey)

Hi my wife and I were born in the US and have a generic American accents. My children were also born here in New Jersey. My older son is 4 and we spoke an Indian language (Gujarati) to him for the first 2-3 years of his life, and now we speak both English and Gujarati to him, but more so English. Our nanny speaks Indian-accented English. He's been in preschool for a year but is shy and doesn't talk much.

When he speaks English, he speaks it with a completely Indian accent. As his parents, we find it weird, as it's not an accent either of us speak with and he's been going to school for over a year. Even kids whose parents speak English with foreign accents have an American accent when they speak English (including myself when I was 4). So I find this perplexing!

My question is it, should I do something about it? Or is he considered young still? How do I get him to adopt the American accent. Maybe he's not adopting it because he is shy and isn't really forced to speak English much to anyone. As American-accented English is the majority language of his community, is it just a matter of time before he adopts the American accent? Should I get a new nanny so we limit his exposure to other accents? Thank you!

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