Basal and Ceiling Question--Please help!!

by New SLP

I was trying to reach a basal on a test and the child got the first one wrong (at his age level) so I worked backwards. The basal is 8 and the ceiling is 6 on this test. His results look like this:
60. +
61. +
62. -
63. -
64. -
(starting point) 65. -
66. –
67. –
68. +
69. –
70. –
71. –
72. –
73. –
74. –
Directions say: If the basal is not established on the first 8 items, work backward until 8 consecutive correct responses are made (I did this). Then return to where you left off and work forward until 6 consecutive incorrect responses are made. Since I left off at 66, I am wondering if 69-74 would be the ceiling or if 62-67 would be the ceiling? I am confused since it states “return to where you left off and work forward” so I’m not sure if I should count the three previous incorrect answers. Hopefully that makes sense!

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Oct 30, 2019

by: Bridget

62-67 would be the ceiling. Good question though!

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