Adult can't pronounce /L/

I need help.

I moved to Canada when I was 3 and have lived here since. I can speak, read, and write English well, but I have trouble pronouncing /L/. This has been an issue for me since I can remember and it's always been the reason for anxiety and embarrassment when being in social settings. I'm in my mid 20s now and over the years this issue has been constantly at the back of my mind, but I lived with it as I thought this is something that is a birth defect. When I was in elementary school I remember seeing a speech therapist. I remember she helped and I did get better at pronouncing /L/.

It's not all words with L. It depends on where in the word the letter is. For example, the word 'Line' would sound like 'Rhine' or 'Glass' will sound like 'Grass', or 'Like" comes out as "rhike'. If the letter L is in the middle or end then sometimes it comes out correct. Like 'cruel', or 'world', or 'purple', but 'email' will sound like 'emailrh'.

I can say 'R' words, but they aren't the clearest, but 100x better than 'L'

I'm looking for advice on what to do. Is this a medical issue? Is this something I can fix with therapy? Or should I just expect to live the rest of my life? I know if I can fix this then my quality of life will go up exponentially.

Any advice is welcome and appreciated.

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