Activities for Wh Questions for active/antsy kids

by Patrick

Lots of my kids on my caseload have goals for answering Wh questions (who, what, where) and some are answering "why and how" questions. These kids are K and first grade and I have some low level groups, some high level and some in-between. I am looking for some ideas to work with these kids that will keep them entertained. I normally do a book + follow up activity every other week but I am looking for some new material for the weeks in between. Some things that have been successful have simply been taking turns just tossing a bean bag into a bucket and picking a card out and talking about it (ex: picture of a sick kid: "who do you go to see when you're sick?" "What does a doctor give you to make you feel better").

Activities where they are involved are obviously better (no kid wants to sit at a table and be drilled with questions).

Does anyone have any simple kind of games or activities to work on Wh questions and making semantic connections to the real world?

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