Accent Reduction Course

Providing an accent reduction course is an exciting area for me which hits close to home.

My now husband had moved to the United States from Colombia 6 months prior to me meeting him. He was my first “test patient” while I was in graduate school and was a great sport about it!  Now, after 10 years of being together, I have a healthy mix of professional skills with personal, first-hand experiences.

I observed how exciting and yet challenging it can be to move to a new country while learning a second language.It is a great opportunity but it can be frustrating as well.

Accent reduction can help ease some of that frustration.

What does an accent reduction course look like?

First, you will need to complete an assessment so your own unique program can be created. Depending on the results from your assessment, you may work on pronouncing sounds differently as well as stress and intonation.

3 Different Accent Reduction Courses

I offer 3 different accent reduction programs.  If you are in the Chicago area or have access to Skype, please read below:

12 Week Program

This program consists of weekly sessions that will target individualized, agreed upon goals determined after an initial evaluation. A home program will be provided. Completion of the home program is crucial for progress and success of the program.

7 Week Program

This expedited program is designed for individuals who have received previous therapy or have fewer goals.  Again, completion of the home program is crucial for progress and success of the program.

Weekly Sessions

This option is reserved for clients who desire extra sessions after their program is completed.

For further information or a free consultation, please click and fill out the contact form: Services – Contact Form


It is important to remember that cultural, speech, or language differences are not a clinical disorder, they are something to celebrate! However, sometimes, they can impact quality of life.  

I am available to help guide clients in creating their own goals of improving their communication skills in English and then help to achieve them.

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