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Your Time Is Important
June 27, 2016

Your Time Is Important!

Let's Save Some!!

This day and age we are all busy! We are excepted to do more and be better at it and have time to post of wonderful accomplishments and memories with perfect, #nofilter photos on Facebook.

While, that is a whole other pet peeve of mine....I thought I can save you some time so you can have some fun for a change!

Below are some ideas to save time while practicing speech and language skills with your child at home and some ideas to help professionals save time in prepping materials and creating home programs!


1. Supplement Speech Therapy at home and speed up the process!

If your child is in speech therapy or you are waiting for an evaluation or you just can't afford it, our home program is for you! We created a very affordable, one-time fee program that gives parents research based ideas on how to work on speech therapy skills at home. There are ideas for developing language skills such as vocabulary and speech skills. By working on speech and language skills during the daily activities, you can speed up the speech therapy progress, save time on appointments and help your child!

Speech Therpay Talk Membership

2. Speech Therapy Materials

This link is for speech therapists. Check out some of our free speech therapy home program materials! Enjoy!

Speech Therapy Materials

3. Spanish Home Program

We are creating a home articulation program for Spanish speakers. Creating materials takes A LONG TIME, and quite frankly, there isn't much out there.

Check it out! We are just starting. If you are interested, let us know!

Spanish Speech Therapy Materials

4. Speech Therapy Apps

We have some free and some paid articulation, language, and record keeping apps on the Android market. This will save time on practicing, prepping, and progress monitoring!

Speech Therapy Apps

5. Parent Handouts/Articulation Program

As part of our membership program we are creating Spanish/English parent handouts and a home articulation program. Read more about it, could save you HOURS of searching and copying :)

Read More: Membership

Check out our New Apps

Speech Therapy Apps

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