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Your Money Is Important
June 20, 2016

Your Money Is Important!

Your money is important and speech therapy can be expensive!!! This really hit me when my son needed speech therapy and I couldn't afford me :) The system doesn't really work with us, both for professionals and parents. Insurance is impossible and the government is always broke.

This is the real reason I started this whole website. I wanted to show parents and professionals that they can help children and it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Below are some of our popular resources which are all FREE!


1. Language Development Activities

Lots of free activities for toddlers and preschool age children. Click on a language skill and get started!

Language Development Activities

2. Games For Three Year Olds

This is a very popular page. It has functional games for three year olds that works on lots of language skills!

Speech and Language Games for 3 Year Olds

3. Read, Talk, Play Tips!

How you read, talk, and play with your child can make the biggest difference. Find the age of your client or child, click on the link, and learn lots of free tips of what to do. It's easy!

Reading, Talking, Playing Tips!

4. Spanish Speech Therapy Materials

If you speak Spanish or work with Spanish speaking clients, we have lots of goodies for you. More is being added all the time so be sure to bookmark this page.

Spanish Speech Therapy Materials

5. Speech Therapy With Household Objects

Enjoy lots of ideas of how to work on speech and language goals using common household objects! Doesn't get more free that this :)

Speech Therapy With Household Objects

Check out our New Apps

Speech Therapy Apps

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