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Free WH Question Materials
October 26, 2020

WH Question Materials

Happy Monday!

This past week, I decided to "revamp" my WH question materials. I work on this goal all the time and wanted to make sure what I was doing was evidence-based.

After a LONG research review, I realized that there isn't a lot of research on WH question therapy yet it is a COMMON goal.

Now I know that to answer WH questions, it takes a lot of different language skills. A person must:

  • understand the question word
  • understand the grammar of the question
  • understand each vocabulary word (not just the question word)
  • makes sense of the information and the social context
  • formulate a response
  • put the words together (syntax & semantics)
  • give a response

However, when treating WH questions, we tend to throw out a few visuals and hope for the best.

After reading a few "okay" articles, I decided this is not enough. I created some decks that targets how to answer questions and then prompts the child to "talk through" how/why they came up with the answer. This seems like a much better technique.

Decks use Google Slides and are no-print.To access a free deck and read about all the research reviews, click the picture or link below.


read more and get a free "where" deck

Attention Members

Hi guys!

Quick recap -

I have 3 tier vocab decks for K, 1st, 2nd, and now 3rd grade up and running.

Each deck has 5 words, but honestly, I am only able to get through about 3 words max per session so they will last a few sessions to say the least!

New Materials -

I have WH decks for Who, Where, What, What happened, and seasonal decks up and running plus all the other great WH question materials. Use the new decks in "present" mode for fun animations after a question is answered.

WH Questions

  • What Deck
  • Where Deck
  • When Deck
  • Why Deck
  • What Happened Deck/li>
  • Spring Deck
  • Fall Deck
  • Winter Deck
  • Summer Deck/li>

Tier 2 Vocab Decks

Remember, use these decks in present mode or they won't work.

  • K Verbs
  • K Seasons/Weather
  • K Classroom Words
  • 1st Verbs
  • 1st Math Words/li>
  • 1st Feelings
  • 2nd Verbs
  • 2nd Science/li>
  • 2nd Classroom Words
  • 3rd Verbs
  • 3rd Science/li>
  • 3rd Geography

Access Materials Here

WH questions
vocabulary materials

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