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Speech Therapy Using Water and Free Slides
May 26, 2020

Speech Therapy Using Water

It has been HOT here so I thought these ideas might be useful for other parents out there.

I have speech therapy water ideas for you. They are fun, functional, and “free.”

My outdoor-loving children inspired these ideas. We spend quite a lot of time playing with the hose, buckets, cups, rain barrel, and a water table. As most of you know, one child is a late talker and I have seen quite a lot of progress during our “water speech therapy sessions!” As a bonus, he is having so much FUN!

Speech Therapy Using Water

Free WH Google Slides

I'm still busy making Google Slides for my paying members. For my readers, click below for free final J slides.

Final j Slides

Attention Members

I am working on /r/ this week so be on the look out for that!

Language: Google Slides

I have uploaded:

  • Opposites
  • His/Her Pronouns

Articulation - Google Slides

  • J Initial
  • J Medial
  • J Final

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