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Free Vocab Slides - Must Use!
August 31, 2020

Articulation & Phonological Awareness....continued!

This may sound dramatic but I believe vocabulary is essential to daily life.


That is why effective vocabulary learning materials is crucial!

We need to have strong vocabulary skills to exceed in school, form & maintain relationships, meet daily needs, share feelings...the list goes on!

Most children pick up vocabulary like a sponge just by going through life. However, for some, vocabulary learning is not natural. They often don't know nearly as many words as they need to and to make matters worse, they don't have a complete understanding of the words they do know!

These children NEED direct instruction for vocabulary. By direct instruction, I mean more than reading a definition or completing a few synonym/antonym task. These children the complete picture. Keep reading to find out how to accomplish this task.

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Top 8 Tips!

Free Materials

K - Nouns

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Language: Google Slides

I have uploaded the following materials in Google Slides. Don't forget to "present" to use.
  • Kindergarten - Nouns
  • Kindergarten - Verbs
  • Kindergarten - Adj/Adv

Articulation: Phonological Awareness Slides

I have uploaded the following pages in both PowerPoint and PDF:
  • Final B: I SPY
  • Final CH: I SPY
  • Final D: I SPY
  • Final F: I SPY
  • Final G: I SPY
  • Final J: I SPY
  • Final K: I SPY
  • Final L: I SPY
  • Final M: I SPY
  • Final N: I SPY
  • Final P: I SPY
  • Final R: I SPY
  • Final S: I SPY
  • Final SH: I SPY
  • Final T: I SPY
  • Final TH: I SPY
  • Final V: I SPY
  • Final Z: I SPY

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Vocabulary Materials
I Spy - Phonological Awareness

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