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St. Patty's Day Packet - With a Freebie!
February 20, 2020

St. Patrick's Day!

In this packet, you will find St. Patrick’s Day Materials for both articulation and language. Below I outline my favorite uses for these materials. Feel free to use my suggestions or come up with your own ideas!

If you need free vocab cards, just scroll to the bottom


Speech & Language Practice Ideas

Dot Marker Sheets (Anything!)

  • Use as a reward for completing an activity
  • A child gets to place a dot for every word said during articulation drill practice
  • A child dots for every word said during a sentence expansion task
  • Target colors for preschool kids
  • Target social language (ask for needed materials)
  • Target receptive language (i.e., place a blue dot next to the purple one)

Articulation Search & Find (Articulation & Grammar)

  • Practice saying a word before finding it and circling it
  • Define a word and then find and circle it
  • Practice saying a word and then find the picture and pair it with another picture to make a “silly sentence” (sentence level practice)

Vocabulary Cards (Language)

  • Define each word
  • Cut out the pictures and sort them into different categories
  • Make up a story using each of the vocabulary cards
  • Practice phonological awareness with St. Patty’s Day vocab

Cariboo Cards/Small Flashcards (Language & Artic)

  • Use the cards in the Cariboo game
  • Have the child name a picture before opening a box
  • Have the child define a picture before opening a box
  • Have the child practice /r/ with the St. Patrick’s Day R Cards
  • Use the flashcards to play a bean bag game (define each word you hit with a bean bag)
  • This section is endless!

I See Something….(Language & Artic)

  • Take turns selecting a picture. Then, give each other “clues” such as category, function, location, or description to see if someone can guess it. The “clues” are great vocabulary practice.
  • Practice articulation for /s/ or “th” with the phrase “I see something….”

Roll & Dot (Language & Artic)

  • Roll a dice and then pick a picture in the corresponding column to color or dot
  • Define a word before dotting it
  • Practice /r/, /s/, or /l/ with the phrase “roll the dice”

Tell A Story (Oral Narrative)

  • Practice the 4 main components of a story: Who, When/Where, What happened, and Resolution
  • Use the cards to help create a story
  • Fill in a missing card with your own ideas!

Grammar & Sentence Expansion (Grammar & Increasing MLU)

    Practice simple grammar structures: plural, present progressive, colors, compound sentences
  • Increase sentence length using visuals

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Free Vocabulary Cards

If you just need some free St. Patrick's Day Vocabulary Cards, click the link below. Free St. Pattys Day Vocab Cards

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