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Speech Therapy Talk News: October Issue.
November 17, 2013

Happy start to the holiday season! I hope everyone is enjoying time with family and friends. In the spirit of NOT spending more money, read on to learn my reviews of FREE apps and FREE speech and language games around the house.


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Free App Review
What's New at Speech Therapy Talk
Free Language Activity

Free App Review

Speak Colors is one of my favorite FREE APPS! This is a simple app that targets colors, grammar, and increasing sentence length.

For children between 2 ½ and 3 ½: Use this app to work on colors and simple naming.

For children between 3 ½ and 5: This app helps to increase simple phrases into complete, grammatical sentences

For Children Over 5: I have my own twist! I use this app frequently during my treatment sessions when target vocabulary development. Children must repeat the sentence about the color and object ADD come up with one more descriptive word. For example, if the screen shows a black get a “point,” he or she must say..."The cat is black and ‘fluffy!” This is a great vocabulary building exercise.

Speak Colors Apps

What's New At Speech Therapy Talk

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Make sure to check us out. I post fun and beneficial articles that I find on the internet. As always, you can trust the sources for useful, research based information.

Click below for the link to the page.

Spanish Articulation Word Lists!!!

We have posted /s/, /l/, /r/, /b/, and /p/ Spanish word lists for my bilingual children or bilingual speech therapist. Check them out and download your copy right into your Google Drive.

Facebook Page: Speech Therapy Talk Spanish Speech Therapy Materials

Free Language Activity

With the holidays approaching, I am always motivated to save as much money as possible! Therefore, I am showcasing one of my all-time, favorite “toys” which I found for $.50 at a garage sale. I’m pretty sure you can pick one up at the dollar store, or most likely already have it in your house.

Is the suspension too much to handle....?

It is a Muffin Tin!!!

A muffin tin is a speech language therapist’s dream “toy!” for 3 reasons:

1. It can be used with almost any goal

2. It’s naturally motivating (children love put things into things)

3. You get 12 repetitions instantly!

Sample Goals:

Early Language Goals:

1. Colors - Name colors of blocks as you place one in each tin.

2. Animals (categories) - Name each animal as it takes its “nap” in a tin.

Example Articulation Goals:

1. /b/: say “ba” as you place a ball in each tin.

2. /g/: say “gum” as you place a stick of gum in each tin

Later Language Goal:

1. Sort objects based on size - (i.e., rocks...small, smaller, smallest)

2. Sort objects based on number - one tin has 1 bean, 2nd tin has 2, etc…

3. Sort objects based on attribute - fill the tin with soft items around the house

Thanks for reading!

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