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Free Speech-Language Screening Tool - Online
March 05, 2018

Free Speech Language Screening Tool

Parents Ever wonder if your child is behind with his/her speech and language development? Is the internet giving you a headache? Are you getting conflicting answers? Do two different professionals give you two different opinions?

If this is familiar, you are not alone. MANY, MANY, MANY parents WORRY if their child is behind other children. This is a normal feeling.

To help parents gain some perspective & insight into their child's development AND to provide parents with free resources to read TODAY, I created this screening tool. Click below to get started.

Professionals If you need a quick speech-language screening or need resources to provide parents for home practices, check out these tools.

It is also a great review of which speech-language skills are expected by which age. Right now, I have ages 0-5 complete.

Free Speech-Language Screening Tool

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