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Speech Development
January 30, 2017

Speech Development Overview

Hi everyone! Good morning!

I had an "aha" moment this weekend. I reference speech and language skills often (obviously) but many parents don't know the difference between the two...and why should they? I didn't know until my first grad school course! However, the difference is quite important.

Therefore, I wanted to share my page on speech development and intelligibility with all of you so we are on the same page. For parents, this page is an easy to understand overview of speech development. For professionals, there are 2 great charts, speech development by sound and age and intelligibility norms. I have had great feedback from parents that they are easy to understand.

Speech or articulation skills, to put it simply, is how we move our tongue, lips, jaw, and voicebox to say sounds correctly. For more info, click below!

Speech Development Overview

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