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Speech Language Games Using Snow
December 02, 2016

Speech Therapy: Snow

I am suppose to be getting 1-3 inches of snow this weekend and quite excited. I LOVE snow and so do my boys.

In case there are more of you winter lovers out there, check out our speech therapy snow ideas.

Winter is cold, long, and difficult especially when you have little ones. Being trapped inside a house can make anyone go a little crazy!

However, when weather allows (for us Chicago residents that is any temperature above 20 degrees), I suggest going outside and enjoying all the good things winter has to offer with our top ten free speech therapy snow ideas!

The main idea here is that speech and language practice can be incorporated all day during daily activities. There isn't anything super duper special you have to do but be aware of your child's needs, abilities, and YOUR language when playing with your child.

It is quite simple and quite easy at the same time.

Top Ten Snow Activities Please!

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