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Gift Ideas - Fun and Educational
November 22, 2016

Gift Ideas

This may be a bit of a soap box for me, but when it comes to toys and playing, I am SICK AND TIRED of technology, apps, and TV. These toys don't encourage development of language, social skills, and speech. They don't spark creative and problem-solving skills. Our kids are LACKING these skills today.

As a parent or professional, we have the power to expose kids to fun toys that will also help their academic and social development!

We updated our toy list for 2016. Hopefully, you can inspiration this holiday season from our lists below!

Baby Gifts

Toys for Toddlers!

Toys for Preschoolers!

Creative School Age Kids!

Speech Therapy Talk's Store!! Up & Running!!

Affordable & Effective Materials

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Have a safe, sweet, happy Halloween.

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