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Free Sentence Unscramble - Google Slides
September 30, 2020

Sentence Unscramble

It is grammar time!

I wanted to get this out as soon as possible since many have been requesting some of these materials.

Using Google Slides, I created some sentence "unscramble" decks. I feel that grammar can be challenging to teach especially without the ability to complete worksheets in-person. To help remediate this issue, I created Google Slide presentations where the child can "unscramble" words to create a sentence that matches the picture. Once the child has completed this task, I have him/her read the sentence back to me.

In order to make this interactive, you must stay in EDIT MODE. DO NOT PRESS PRESENT.

In order to grab a free copy, please click the link/image below and scroll down to the "free sample." It will prompt you to "make a copy" once you click on the link. Please do that since you can't use this activity if you aren't in edit mode.


Free Sample

Free Unscramble Sentence Deck

Attention Members


I have just started these Google Slides Companions. I am working on one more Fall one this week and then it will Winter themed next!

  • Full Companion - The Little Old Lady Who Wasn't scared of Anything
  • Leaves
  • Kitten's First Moon
  • The Mitten
  • More to come!

Articulation Board Games

These games are listed under "fall." If you need another sound, just request it and I will make it!

  • Present progressive
  • Present progressive plus direct object
  • Regular past tense
  • 3rd personal singular
  • 3rd person plural
  • Irregular past tense
  • Irregular past tense plus direct object
  • Prepositions
  • Questions
  • Regular past tense
  • Regular past tense plus direct object

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