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Teletherapy Winter Spin & Dot
December 14, 2020

Winter Materials

Happy LAST Holiday Monday Email -

I can't believe that winter break starts next week for my neck of the woods.

I have one more free holiday speech therapy material for you.

I created some teletherapy, no-print spin and dot materials. I use them all the time for articulation and language practice. To learn how to use them, please click the image or link below. For a FREE copy of winter SH, please click the PowerPoint link.

For paying members, I have 72 pages for you. Just click the links listed in this email.

Read About How To Use Cards Here

Free Cards

Grab free Cariboo cards here:
SH Dots With Spinner-Winter

Reminder! Membership Price Going Up (not for existing members)

Guys don't miss out!

Membership rates are going up slightly in the new year.

Rates will be going up to $8.50 per month or $85 per year or $200 for the lifetime membership in 2021.

However, if you are already a member, your rate is locked in! There will be no increases for you! So, if you want to try the membership site, you might want to try it before 2021 to save in the long run. Check Out Membership

Reminder! New Facebook Group

Speech Materials Facebook Group

Attention Members

Check out the new materials.

PowerPoint Spin & Dot Games

I have no-print spinner mats for the following sounds listed below. There is one mat for each season for each sound. They are not listed under the winter tab. It is listed under dots and smashmats.

When you use them, you must open them in PowerPoint and press the "play" or "present" button.

There are PDF versions of each sound and some board games as well. Enjoy!

  • B All Positions
  • CH All Positions
  • D All Positions
  • F All Positions
  • G All Positions
  • J All Positions
  • K All Positions
  • L All Positions
  • L-Blends
  • M Positions
  • N All Positions
  • P All Positions
  • R All Positions
  • R-Blends All Positions
  • S All Positions
  • S-Blends
  • SH All Positions
  • T All Positions
  • TH All Positions
  • V All Positions
  • Z All Positions
Dots and Smashmats

PowerPoint Games

These games are to be used in PowerPoint. Enjoy!

  • Clean Room For Santa
  • Decorate Gingerbread House
  • Find Gingerbread Man
  • Find the Present
  • Find Santa
winter games

Christmas Prepositions

These are located under the Winter tab. Please use them in Google Slides and press "present" before playing.

  • In VS On
  • Behind VS In Front Of
  • Over VS Next To VS Under
  • Mixed

Tier 2 Quick Decks

Tier 2 vocabulary quick decks. Use these in "present" mode.

  • Definitions
  • Use in a sentence
  • What's another word...
  • Opposites

Christmas I Spy

Google Slides for Christmas I Spy. Use these in "present" mode.

  • Deck 1 - with language prompts
  • Deck 2 - with language prompts
  • Deck 3 - with language prompts
  • Deck 4 - with language prompts
  • Blank Christmas I Spy Materials
winter games

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If you want to become a member for only $7 (for only 30 more days) and access all these materials and EVERYTHING else, click the link below.

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