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S Blends Resources
April 24, 2018

S Blends Resources

First of all, I have to apologize. I had serious intentions of creating a separate email list just for members. However, between caring for my wonderful family, running this site, and starting my own! So, please bear with me as all the dust settles. About one of your emails per month will have a link to the new, free resources members receive. I will promise to always throw in a freebie for my subscribers as a thank you for just being here. It isn't perfect but it will do for now!

On to the good stuff...S Blends!

Many of you have been requesting materials for blends. I did a quick review and it looks like the Cariboo cards and smashmats are by far the most popular. Therefore, logically, I created Cariboo cards and smashmats for /r/, /l/, and /s/ blends.


Members can access the materials now by clicking:
Articulation Worksheets For Members

Email Subscribers

Email subscribers can access free S materials by clicking the links below.
S Cariboo Cards - Free Download

S Smashmat - Free Download

Free Word Lists & Purchase Materials

To access free S blends word lists and game ideas and to read more about the paid materials, click the link below.
S Blends Word Lists, Games, and Materials!

Speech-Language Materials

Affordable & Effective Materials

Keep In Touch!


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