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Know the Theory
October 27, 2016

Know The Theory

Happy Almost Halloween!

Understanding the theory behind speech language development is crucial for both parents and professionals. Parents needs to understand the big picture of language development is order to help their children work towards their goals. Speech language pathologists must also fully grasp how language develops and each area relates to each other in order to accurately assess and treat clients.

Speech and language skills allow us to express ourselves, form relationships, make our wants and needs known, read, write, learn in school and much more.

We communicate in one form or another all day long from day one!

To be honest, even as a speech language pathologist, it has taken me years to really wrap my head around all the aspects of speech and language development and how each area intertwines with another. It is complicated learning process.

If your are in my shoes, hopefully, I can help speed up the process for you!

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